I saw Gordon today, he was in Indiana for a wedding and I haven’t seen him since around graduation. We went with Pete to the Eiteljorg Museum, saw the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. (Some books in the gift shop that were not purchased “My Name is Georgia” and “Georgia’s Bones”), met a demanding, attention-starved kitty and then went to Don Pablos for a long dinner before Gordon’s flight. In our shirt exchange (Of a Rose shirt for an MIT shirt, I forgot my part of it), he gave me the Best Shirt Ever: an MIT shirt that says “Fear the Beaver” on the back.

It was awesome to see Gordon- there’s just something about old friends from growing up that you can laugh and laugh with, that you can say the silly with, laugh for ten minutes, and have no idea how it started. I’m going to have to plan on going out to B-town to visit both Gordon and Eva before Gordon moves. It’s been too long since seeing Eva and I don’t want to go another two years before seeing Gordon again.


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