I went to a slide lecture yesterday by the Nathan Richie, the curator of the Swope Art Museum, entitled “Images, Uses and Meditations on Technology: Works from the Sheldon Swope Art Museum”. I thought it was pretty interesting, and even asked a question inspired by conversations with Mom, “Where are the women artists in his examples?” The Swope has a better collection of women artists than most art museums, but I was a little disappointed that in the first half of his presentation, works about technology, he only had one women artist example (out of 32). In the second half, uses of technology, it was better: 5 out of the 17 examples were women. He answered my question as I expcted: Many art museums don’t contain much work from women artists and the Swope is generally follows that trend. The Swope has one of the larger collections of women artists’ work, but most of the pieces didn’t fit in with his presentation.

In related news, I aquired a piece of art: a Kris Harper original work. She showed me how to get the little dents out of the back (wipe down the back of the canvas in that general area with a wet rag and when it dries, the canvas will tighten itself up) and that, if the painting is acrylic, you can wipe off the front with a damp rag to clean it. She also says that the sketches for the piece are better than the actual painting.


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