Evelyn Bryan Johnson Honored

From the most recent EAA newsletter:

Over 400 people gathered on May 26 to honor 95-year-old aviatrix Evelyn Bryan Johnson of Morristown, Tennessee, and mark her retirement as a Designated Pilot Examiner for the FAA. She was appointed to the post in 1952 by the then-Civil Aviation Administration and held the designation for 53 years. Johnson performed more than 9,000 pilot flight examinations and, with 57,620 hours of flying time, accumulated more flying time than any woman in aviation history. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Johnson topped the celebration off by announcing that the City of Morristown has recently renewed her contract to manage Moore-Murrell Airport which she has managed since it opened in 1953.

She was my first flight instructor; I flew with her the summer after highschool graduation up until I soloed. Then it was off to L’ville and college for me (Amma had had an ‘episode’ that landed her in the hospital while I was up flying.) Because I was leaving right away the day after soloing, she let me keep my shirttail that she had cut off and signed, and cut up one of her own shirts to hang on the board. There’s a picture somewhere of her cutting up my shirt. She also gave me a signed copy of her book for my 18th birthday. During my Freshman year, the Airport decided they didn’t want a flying school, so they sold all of the airplanes. I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to fly with her and have her signature in my logbook.

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