We’ve just heard about the apartment. We want to move in the last weekend of July, but the only available apartments in the floorplan we want are available mid-July and mid-August.

If we got the one in July, then we could move in at our leisure, getting some of the boxes already unpacked and the stuff put away (dishes, beer) to make the real move-in easier on the first night we’re actually living there. Unfortunately, this means double rent for me for a month, but I’ll be in ATL, better able to look for a job. And I’ll be a “Local Candidate” sooner.

If we wait until August, we’re pushing the date for TCB’s orientation into school, and it’s past the end of my current lease. No double rent for me, but we’d have to slam through moving in all in one weekend. Also, since it is past my lease date, we’d have to get the truck or trailer for an extra few days to hold our stuff until we could move in.

Just writing this all out, I think I’ll go for the July move-in. I think I know where I can get a coupon for $ off of the first month’s rent…

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