Fair City

The Fair was great fun! We saw a monkey that, if you gave it $1, you could have a picture with it. We looked at the bunnies and pigs, then wandered over to the petting zoo where they had bunnies for $5 and guinea pigs for $10. Ducks were also $5, but chicks were $2. They had mules and mini-horses and piglets and goats. I stayed away from the goats: love means never coming home smelling like goat.

Then, after a good handwashing, we were off to the food. I got funnel cake; Heidi, ribbon fries. We sat under a tent while it rained and ate our tasty, tasty food. Next we had to split a small bag of taffy before we even attempted to go on the rides because the rides just aren’t as fun unless you think you have the possibility of hurling. For those of us with a strong stomach, we must fill it with grease, salt, sugar and cake before riding to make up the difference.

Because it was raining a little bit, most of the few rides were closed. We ended up, after dicussing the merits of the Ring of Fire and Hammer, riding the Cyclops twice, with a break in between to get our fortunes told by the Fortune Teller Machine in the Arcade. In the end, no puking, no queasiness, but it was fun to watch the other people freak out on the ride, and we’re coming back for Corn Dogs for lunch tomorrow! Plus, the 4-H Meat Show is at 10:30.

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