Things about the Haute I will miss:

  • Being able to see the stars and moon from my porch
  • Feeling of safety walking alone at night, drunk
  • Knowing where things are
  • Cheap beer
  • Sonka’s
  • The newly-raised speed limit
  • Paving of the really bad roads
  • First Wok
  • High ceilings in old buildings that are now apartments
  • My gas oven
  • Wood floors

Things I will not miss:

  • The smell
  • The randomly bad drivers (In ATL, I can at least assume they’ll all try to drive over me, but here, there’s no telling what they’ll do)
  • Crappy plowing of the road
  • Trying to get Stan Stan the Mainenance Man to fix something

Thing I am looking forward to:

  • Having access to better fresh foods in the markets
  • Having friends my own age
  • Being nearer to family and home
  • Normal, non-college neighbors
  • Getting a kitty


  1. mark Says:
    July 29th, 2005 at 10:47 man, i really miss the haute. it’s so weird but it totally grew on me. here in ca, i hate going to nice bars and fucking clubs. i miss doghouse and fatkats. i want my $1 beers and free pizza damn it.

    good post, i like the “looking to the future approach!”


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