Another thing

I’m going to really miss my shower and bathroom with windows. I love taking a shower in the afternoon, with the sunlight coming in through the side of the shower, which is why I have clear shower curtains. It feels like I’m at a spa or, if I close my eyes, like my claw-foot tub has been moved outdoors. Sometimes I’d open the other window to hear the outside.

The windows in the Hautian apartment are wonderful. My apartment goes along a corner of the main house, so I have a little entry sunroom going through a windowed door into my kitchen with two large windows, but also only 2 cabinets. Living room has a regular window into the sunroom and a tall window to outside, plus the little doors above the door tot he rest of the house open, so I can regulate the teperature just a little bit. My bedroom also has a very tall (10 ft) window. I’m going to miss having so much natural light, but we lucked out and our ATL apartment is an end one, so the extra window is in my bedroom. Brightest room in the place.


  1. Ally Says:
    August 5th, 2005 at 0:35 You should move up here to Seattle. We have windows all over the place too because the people are too stupid to install air conditioners. My living room alone has 13 windows, only 6 of which open. But the natural light is wonderful!
  2. Palila Says:
    August 9th, 2005 at 16:29 Mmm… windows.

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