I’m not sure if it’s because Mom is coming to visit for a week tonight, and the apartment isn’t clean, that I’m having post-homecoming friend withdrawl, or because I’m always down after Bid Day, participating or not, but I’m ready to take a nap for a week. When I was helping Uncle M with Dreamweaver, and his printer was hating him, he told me a story:

Your great-grandfather Van Hoek was in the excavating business with his brother Frank. Frank did not wish to make the leap from horses to mechanized means of excavation. He joined his brother Ernest for a few years but then decided to go back to horses. I know that one would have to build ramps to allow the horses to carry the excavated material up to grade. I never learned how they got rid of the ramps. The upshot is…
I think I know how Frank felt.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like Frank, too.


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