Many days of Christmas

TCB and I have been having many days of Christmas. We did Christmas with each other on Monday, before he left for Indiana, because it’s kind of silly to carry the presents for each other all the way up, only to bring them right back again. Then we met in L’ville on Friday night and had Christmas again with Aunt S. Then it was off to Fort Wayne for Christmas dinner on the day, and today we drove down to Corydon for dinner and presents with his mom. Angus has been going around with us, too, just loving it. He got to go into the nursing home to visit G’pa, who liked Angus. G’pa also got to come to have dinner with us at Uncle G’s home. After dinner, he was getting tired. He was asked if he wanted to go back and lie down and said yes. When someone commented, “I’ll get your coat,” G’pa responded with, “We don’t have to go back that far!”

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