A day of arts

This was a fairly fun weekend. Little^2 came over Saturday night for dinner and drinks. We watched a movie and talked and she told me about her dance classes at Dance 101. Sunday, I joined her for two classes: hip hop flow and mv funk. Holy crap, I’d forgotten how much work a class is and how much fun class is. Dance 101 is all adult, which is really nice. We can dance to some better music, not worry about kid’s stuff around the studio, and they teach some really interesting classes (bellydance!) They also have a “starter package” that includes shoes and pants. I’ve always wanted some Bloch dance sneakers. After class, we went to Art and Soul to paint our own pottery. That was also immesely fun- we got to talk and be creative. They had some really neat paints and I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out. Today, I’m sore in a good way, from using muscles that I don’t usually use (mostly in the lower back and shoulder area,) and I’m looking forward to checking out a ballet class at Atlanta Ballet tonight. If nothing else, I can get a good stretch because tomorrow’s going to hurt.


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