Generally, I like the Post Office and UPS. USPS brings me things, they’re usually very friendly, and they make it possible to make other people happy, and UPS brings what I ordered. I am, however, beginning to dislike these services around Sandy Springs. It seems that every package I send from here gets delivered late and/or isn’t dropped in box drops, they take all day to deliever mail to the apartment complex, and sometimes correctly-addressed mail gets returned to whomever sent it to me. FedEx leaves packages in box drops, but we have to go into the office for UPS packages. If the office is closed, then no package for you! (Even if they all just ran out for lunch and you walk up as they’re locking the door.) Returned mail, I blame the Postman putting it the wrong box and then my kind neighbors just sending it back instead of putting it on the ledge, but boxes, I blame Doraville. When I track my packages, they seem to go to Doraville for “aging.” They get to the Atlanta area quickly and then sit for at least three days, 8 miles away. Terre Haute consistently delivered packages early and, though I know Atlanta’s a much bigger city, it kind of irritates me that I can order something online, watch it hurry its way across the country, and then see it sit in Doraville for four days. Right now, I’m waiting on a new camera that shipped Monday and it just reached Doraville. I’ll pass it on my way around town this weekend and I’ll see it next week.

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