I thought drivers in the Haute were bad. They are, but drivers in the ATL are sometimes clueless. What I learned this weekend:

  • Stop at flashing yellow lights. Insist that the person turning left go and don’t wonder why they look confused
  • If you’re in one of two lanes of traffic turning left, and there’s lots of cars, feel free to switch lanes during the turn. We’re really supposed to go one at a time through the turn
  • Back up and then look around to see if there’s anyone coming
  • Turn lanes are really passing lanes
  • Double yellow lines don’t mean anything
  • 15-20mph is perfectly acceptable in a 35mph zone if you’re in a minivan
  • Crappy new Acuras need two spots to park in, especially if they’re red
  • Yes, the apartment complex will sign a tow order for cars that park in two spots


  1. 15+\/Al/l Says:
    February 11th, 2006 at 1:24 Atlanta drivers are horrid…then again, with roads that were designed as cow paths, who can blame them?

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