I just made an online purchase from Sears (I needed vacuum bags. Isn’t my life exciting?) and it wasn’t that bad. Sure, it took some finagling to a) find the bags I need and b) figure out how to buy more than one package at once (gotta hit the “Shopping Cart” at the top of the screen, can’t do it when you add the item to your cart), but once that was all figured out, I could choose to have it shipped or pick it up in store. I chose “pick it up” first, because there’s a Sears near work, but they showed me the three closest Sears to me and that the one near work was out of the bags (The others are too far away to be practical). I really liked being able to check inventory at the stores online. Since I’m having the bags mailed to me, they sent me an order confirmation (from, a confirmation from the store that they’re being shipped from (that they got the order), and an email that they’ve been packaged and shipped. Constant status updates- that’s what I like.

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