Either because I’m too lazy to write real posts, or all of these things are too short to warrent their own post. You decide.

  • Towels at dance still smell like buttered movie theater popcorn
  • I burned my finger last night on a pan of french fries (The potholder slipped)
  • The house TCB and I really liked had an offer put on it by somebody else before we could even view it
  • ANTM is such an addiction
  • I hate my printer and its refusal to cooperate with printing my taxes
  • The line at the post office went really fast on Monday night
  • Work’s fine, my pictures on their website now
  • Trg-N-Pyhr vf gbzbeebj!!
  • Purina’s Busy Bone lasts maybe 20 minutes with Angus, and gets the floor very wet with slobber
  • Going to dance in the morning is fun, but getting up for it sucks

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