Go, Team Us!

Team Trogdor totally rocked Get A Clue! (In a non-winning sort of way, over 16 hours) In particular, I really liked the clues in Basic, in rot-13, in ascii, and the ones where we called and they said “That’s clue’s cancelled, go directly to this other place.” Highlights included eating at the Dwarf House (The original Chick-fil-a), lots of pictures, the awesome soundtrack of music, seeing parts of the ATL I had no clue about, and giving the old noggin a workout.


*edit* We got 16th (out of 35), with an adusted time of 15:05. We also scored an unofficial award- “Being the brother and a duly appointed representative of Illuminated Enterprises, Inc., it is my proud honor to award Team Trogdor the “Noobl33t” award, given to the rookie team with the best overall performance. Great job guys. Hope to be racing alongside yall next year.” (Zach on GC is Brett Bretterson’s brother) AND got special mention- “Team Trogdor was made up of entirely non-Tech folks on thier [sic] first GAC yet still completed the Campus Scramble before 1/2 of the other teams. ”

*prance prance prance*


  1. NancyTwink Says:
    April 26th, 2006 at 11:19 Holy crap– I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on by not reading your blog! It’s funny to all of the sudden stumble upon a blog that your name is mentioned in multiple times on the front page that you didn’t even know about . . .

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