Water water… nowhere

Fuck you, DeKalb County Water & Sewer. You’ve apparently been out to our house three times now, once to erroneously turn off the water and twice to turn it back on. Except you haven’t turned it back on. You’ve gone out, seen that the house is trying to use water (from where? we’re not sure), and just left. No notification, no telling the people in the house, nothing. Sure, you can see from your call center that the house is doing that, but telling us would have been wrong. You’re just costing us money and time, since we’re unable to use the facilities at our house, make concrete to build a fence while our friends are here to help, or even water plants that we’ll have to replace now. You’d better turn it back on, this being the fouth time that you’re coming out to the house.

*update* We have water again! TCB just walked down and turned it on. I’d already called the water place 3 times, so he called, they transferred him to another random person in the department who wasn’t the manager he asked for, and they hung up on him. We’re going to definitely be asking for our connection fees back, and he may be filing a complaint.

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