I’m prepping the walls for painting this weekend, and I’ve got some home repair/updating tips. Mostly things that made me yell at the previous owners (whoever painted/wallpapered each room last), these tips make your job a little more professional and better in the long run. After all, you have to live with it.

  • Make sure your tetanus shot is current. (This is very important. Really. I mean it.)
  • Before painting, remove the effin’ switchplate and outlet covers. It takes about half a minute to do, another half to tape over the thing, and it looks better and makes it much easier to remove later, as they’re not painted to the wall.
  • If they’re awful, broken, or now half blue, outlet covers cost about 35 cents to replace. They’re even cheaper if you get the pack of 10. Just do them all at once, in the same color, and in the same size, especially if you think you might eventually do a whole room. (Or a whole house.)
  • When removing a carpet, take the staples out of the floor.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Always have a small first aid kit handy. It can be as simple as antibiotic ointment and band-aids.
  • Painter’s tape over a band-aid keeps it attached better, especially if you wrap it around whatever’s injured. (like around your finger, around your arm, around your foot… Keeps it from rolling up and falling off.
  • Spackle is your friend. Use it before painting
  • Sand the effin’ spackle. 120-220 sandpaper on a block works wonders.
  • Wipe off the walls with a damp sponge before painting to remove spackle particles/cobwebs/dirt. Hell, at least dust them. If I can pick off the painted dirt/cobwebs easily, well after it’s been painted, it could have been prevented.
  • You can cover detached thermostats/doorbells/security system pieces with a plastic bag and tape that closed, to cover them for painting, to ensure fewer brushmarks and better coverage of your walls. That way, if the systems are clanged later, you won’t have the shape of the previous system still on the wall.

More to come later, including “why it’s important to check up on electric work in your home” and “why Hunter fans are awesome”.


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