Carry you off

The mosquitos in our backyard are ferocious. They will hunt you down and refuse to die after you hit them. Really. I had a whole swarm around me last night as I tried to see Dear Seester off after her brief trip to the ATL, several of that swarm made it inside and then tried to gnaw off whatever they’d left on my arm. Bug spray works well, but it’s not fun to spray that on to take Angus outside for a 5-minute play session, then have to scrub skin raw to be able to cuddle up and watch tv with… yourself, the boyfriend, the dog, anything, really. We’re going to give citronella a shot for the hell of it (and the candles were on sale), and then we’re going to step up to the big guns: the device that converts propane to CO2 to attract and then kill those pesky buggers. Friends have tried it and, if it can keep their 2 acres mosquito-free, then our little lot should be no problem.


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