On a happier note

Things have settled down quite nicely at home; we’re no longer spending our entire weekends and evenings painting, building, sanding, and unpacking. We’ve got a nice, boring evening routine; I’ve found several routes to get home (one is usually clear by 6 or so), dinner is discussed before I leave work, cooked when I get home, and then we chill out and watch some tv (Animal Cops, Property Ladder, and L&O:SVU being the favorites). Angus has midnight playtime, and then we all go to bed.

And I’ve got the itch again for a project.

So this past weekend, I started inspecting the cheap, poorly painted fake-wood paneling used as waiscoating in the kitchen. I’d assumed that it was glued on, meaning that drywall repair would be needed and more time and expertise would be needed than we have. But on closer inspection, the paneling revealed itself to be nailed on and already popping off the wall in places. If I don’t have to travel this long weekend, that paneling may just walk on out of the kitchen, some paint might make its way onto the walls, and the planning and pricing stage of kitchen rennovation may start sooner than we thought. Our plan so far includes keeping the existing cabinets, adding a long base cabinet to increase the counter space, replacing the old countertop and appliances, and putting down a new floor. Window shopping can be so much fun.


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