Saturday, we started tackling the kitchen walls, having discvered that the paneling was nailed on. It was awesome to get that stuff off the walls:
Bye-bye paneling!

Unfortunately, there had been some water damage behind the paneling, and mold grew in the space between the paneling and the wall.
Mold and water damage

So I suited up and tackled it with a bleach solution, mixing no more than one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. I had to change the water twice, because it just turned so dark black with the mold I’d gotten off. If I couldn’t reach the area with the sponge (like in the floor), I made sure that the bleach water got down there, at least. We’re going to be re-doing the floor next year, so we’ll get to see the goodies down there then. We did discover that there’s another layer of ugly ugly linoleum beneath the current one.
My killing outfit

The results were great:
Mold = killed

We’ve pre-primed it with Killz, and I should be finished with prepping these walls for painting and real primer by the end of today. Next on Home Improvement with Palila, patching the spot where this had been:
Water damage and the black stuff


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