Grandpa’s funeral was today. Monday night, I helped Uncles M and G place Grandpa in his casket. Today, Father Steve gave a lovely eulogy, charging us all to be more like the one-of-a-kind man that Homer was. After the service, we wrapped him in his favorite (or at least, most often used) afghan, and all of us grandkids, my uncles, and a cousin were the pallbearers. We drove by the firestation, where he was instrumental in bringing them up to a modern EMS (provided that nobody knew), and they had the fire engines out, the lights on, and a set of gear and boots on the front, along with “Thank you Homer Harper” on their sign. Grandpa started the ambulance service in New Haven (back when the funeral homes ran them, before the days of EMS), and was one of the first people certified as an EMT in the area (His sons were the first two.)

The committal was short, the American Legion chaplain presented the flag to Uncle M, George brought a lei with her, we placed roses on the casket, and then the vault was closed and he was lowered into the ground next to Erna.

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