Super-tired, I drove out with my cousin to find TCB, who wasn’t at exit 5, he was just before the exit. We turned around at 5, drove up to 19, and then drove to the next exit past 5, which was a few miles past the Alabama border. By then, he’d switched sides, and we nearly missed him again. But, we found him and I found all of the mud by the side of the road while walking back to my car. Unfortunately, TCB was turning the lug nuts the wrong way and broke his wrench, so we were done for the evening, and tracked a bunch of mud into my nice, clean, new, good-smelling car. (TCB said he’d help clean that out.)

TCB called for a flatbed to go get the truck the next morning and it turns out we would have been screwed anyway: the spare didn’t fit.


  1. Mom Says:
    January 18th, 2007 at 16:54 Good grief. I’ll bet you were tired puppies.

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