Like the end of a match

I’m just feeling pretty burnt-out right now. I think it has something to do with the grad school submission frenzy followed by the ramp-up of a project at work, so the battiers feel a little low, and they’re still getting drained. After 9-10 hours of work, my eyes just don’t want to focus on a screen anymore. Plus, they’re putting in a new building in the lot next to ours (at work), and the roof of the building *just* exactly blocks out my view to the horizon. I used to see mountains when I looked out my window, now I see a roof. TCB and I have had some pretty fabulous weekends; this past one, we celebrated the end of another year together with our now-annual trip up to the Georgia Wine Highway. Another winery has opened since last year, so we tasted at 4 wineries, and our wine rack is now over-full. We capped the day off with a trip up to Neel’s Gap, and I got to see some snow! (Ok, it was only a dusting, but it was there.) The weekend before, I started making new cabinet doors for our upstairs bathroom, but quickly found out that I need to get 2 things to do a proper job: A router table (have the router, just need to build/buy a table for consistency in cuts), and safety goggles that fit (i.e. ones that don’t fall off when I’m looking at the piece I’m cutting.) The bathroom cabinets are my easy, proof-of-ability project before I tackle the kitchen cabinets.

I’m looking forward to daylight savings starting earlier this year. It’ll be nice to leave work and go running, or at least think about doing something outdoors, in the sun.

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