Tech update

Well, Tech has gathered the applications and is checking through them now for completeness. How do I know? I just got an email from them saying that they don’t have my work sample, please submit it via the postal service or email. Now, TCB dropped it off for me at the address listed on the application website, and the address that they’ve given me is not even on the same side of campus. On the one hand, Panic! because they don’t have everything, but on the other, Yay! because they sent an email and they didn’t see my purpose statement and recommendation letters and go “she sucks, we don’t care about her works sample. Toss!”

I wrote a letter back explaining that it was dropped off with X person, this is what it looks like, should I resubmit it or can it be gotten from X? I even upped the adrenaline rush by sending it without spell-checking. I’m living on the edge!

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