So… GAC2007 was both lame and awesome. The good clues were pretty inventive, and really challenged us to think (Wire a circuit for a message in morse code after getting the chip out of a stuffed dog? Brilliant! Search inside a Kroger for a story on the wall to get the letters for our next destination? Awesome! Use a squirt gun with special liquid in it to make a message appear on a clue? Great!), but the bad clues were crap (Determine the highest probability of winning, through multiple steps, but only give us the math for one step? Suck. Decode a message using 6 ciphers and consistently get gibberish, but the same gibberish? Awful. Use the band-known slang term for the party house/ end of game? After wanting us to run around campus for the individual letters that were on the top of building signs, in the rain at 3 am? Not. Doing. It.)

But the lamest part was the end- though we finished only 3 hours after the first team, Game Control had already turned off the clock, so we probably don’t get an official time, along with the 3 teams that tried to check in with us. Anti-climactic and irresponsible. We’re out playing their 21-clue game all over town (GAC is usually ~15) and they don’t have the decency to keep up with it? L.A.M.E.

In the end, it still was a fun 18-hour day with friends in a minivan, and Team Trogdor will ride again next year!



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