Hours away

In a few hours, I’ll be on a plane to Hawai’i, leaving behind the nit-picky final QA of a large project (can you move this one pixel up? no… how about down? and drop this word to the next line…), 50+ hour work weeks (we’re a little understaffed at the moment), and my car that’s still not fixed yet (they’re letting me drop the rental off at the airport since they don’t have to extend the rental another week.) I’m going to see Dear Seester graduate, and I’m really looking forward to that after the madness that was graduation 4 years ago, madness that included her graduation being 14 hours before mine, 9 hours away. It’s going to be a family gathering, too, since this will be the first time that my sister and I will be at the same place as our step-sisters (only a year and a half after we became related!)Plus, I’m staying for 2 weeks. Hooray!


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