Ahh, consistent internet again. It’s been a busy busy week! Last Tuesday, we went out on a Catamaran. When they put the sail up, something with the steering broke, so we anchored a little way out and we were able to go swimming while they fixed it. I swam in 30-foot water! (Until I saw a school of fish. Then I was done.) But, we got to see some sea turtles and dolphins because we waited. (The dolphins were playing by the sumbarine, one jumped all the way out of the water!) Seeing Dad, Kathy, Jana and Katy off wore us out, so we chilled out and ate yummy sushi at Sansei’s.Wednesday, Mitch and I walked up to the top of Diamondhead, which entailed a lot of stairs. Then, Mitch, Dawn and I toured the ‘Iolani Palace. Deer Seester and Tabitha joined us for a tour of the State Capitol given by the Governor’s biggest fan, and we all got to have our picture taken behind the ceremonial desk. While eveyone else went on a sunset dinner cruise, I went with Mom to take Christel back to the airport and we went to Punchbowl and drove around that area afterwards. We had a late dinner at the Yardhouse.

Thursday, we had intended to take a surfing lesson, but Mitch was too burnt (and I was pretty toasty, too.) Instead, we split up and Mitch/Dawn/Mom toured the Punchbowl, and George/Tabitha/I walked around Waikiki, had yakiniku for lunch, did a little shopping and then saw Georgie off to work, but not before Mom to go to a luau with Lisa. (We nixed the bright blue outfit, but ok’ed the tan pants with an aloha shirt.) Then we (Tabitha, Mitch, Dawn and I) harassed Georgia at Bubba’s before M&D had to leave. I was kind of asleep that morning and I was using the hotel shampoo in the shower. Now, I have 2 bottles of stuff, shampoo and a leave-in conditioner/hair gel (fast and easy). They look nearly the same, except for the word of what it is. I got out the stuff after my shower, put what I thought was the conditioner in, and then thought I hadn’t gotten the shampoo out of my hair. Not until I got back and was helping George get ready did I realize that I’d put the shampoo in my hair, not the conditioner. I are smrt.

Friday was Mom and Lisa’s last day, and we went to the Wailana Coffee House for breakfast. Oh, man, it was soooo good. I had their french toast, which comes stuffed with papaya jelly. Yum. And then! there’s also coconut syrup and boysenberry (and regular maple). The coconut and berry are good by themselves, but even better mixed together. To continue the sugar overload, we then went to Leonard’s Bakery for malasadas. Malasadas are light fried dough covered in sugar or cinnamon sugar. Again, soooo good. We got their stuffed malasada of the month, and I still don’t like mangoes. Bleh. Finally, we went to Bubbies for mochi ice cream. A mochi is made from pounded rice, and mochi ice cream is ice cream inside mochi. I had a chocolate-dipped raspberry mochi, which was, again, sooooo good. We saw Mom off and then went down to hang by the pool, and Lisa snuck right past us on her way out. We took some of my stuff to Georgie’s place, got dressed up, and went to dinner at the Bombay Indian restaurant nearby, which had the best rice pudding in the world and excellent service. (Also had really good dinner food, especially the Tandoori Chicken.) We were stuffed after that meal and so George went back to her place to sleep, and Tabitha and I went out for a little while in Waikiki, since we had use of the hotel room for another night. It was fun until some guy started dancing all up on me, doing the touching my boob with his drink, grabbing my butt and then he tried to play with my hair. So we left and and enjoyed a nice sleep in the hotel with bed each to ourselves.


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