Flying and photos

My flight to Macon this weekend went very well- I’ve got my signoff to do my solo cross-country! (This cross-country for flight training is defined as 150nm total, with at least one leg over 50nm.) On this one, I get to decide where I’m going. I could go back to Macon (a safe choice, since I know what the airport looks like and who I’m talking to, plus I can walk over to the station to get my flight briefing and file instead of needing to call), or I could hop around to some different small airports in the area. I also have to do a night cross-country, this one just needs to be over 50nm. I think I’m going to choose to do this one first and go to Chattanooga during the day and fly back at night. That way, I can get a little more practice on the radios with my instructor in the plane and have the night one done! (I think there’s going to be a slim chance of the weather conditions that Dad had when he did his night x-country: snow on the ground and a full moon. That’s almost like cheating.)

I also just got all my photos printed from Hawaii, and as I was putting them in albums, I realized that, though the albums looks exactly the same as others I have, Target has reduced the size- now they hold 240 4×6 photos instead of 300. Because of that, I’ve got to go get another album for the 20 remaining photos.

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