The F-word

Yeah, fiancé. It’s very strange to say, still.

Answers to the questions I/we’ve gotten so far in our week of engagement:

  • Yes, I had a pretty darn good idea that it was coming, but no, I didn’t really expect it 100%, especially not so soon after Abby and Syd’s.
  • I don’t know what else it could have been, either. Key to the truck?
  • I’m happy about it
  • No, I didn’t cry
  • We had our champagne and went back to watching “How It’s Made” before calling people
  • I have no idea what they were making
  • Mom, Aunt S, Dad, George
  • Yes, my parents were/are happy about it
  • It’s my grandmother’s ring (Dad’s mother’s)
  • He got it from Aunt S when he was up in Indiana a month ago or so
  • I have no idea how she didn’t tell; I’m amazed, too
  • It won’t be until after TCB graduates: he can only be one person’s bitch at a time, mine or his advisor’s
  • TCB will stay TCB, with the B for Betrothed (instead of Boy/Boyfriend), because TCF is weird
  • TCB should graduate in 2-3 years, it depends on when the faculty let him out
  • He’s from southern Indiana, near Louisville
  • Probably in Atlanta
  • Most likely not during the school year
  • Yeah, I looked, but a binary wedding date probably won’t work. It would be nifty.


  1. Ash Says:
    July 18th, 2007 at 14:34 You think the F word is funny wait until it becomes ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’After 10 days of being married, it still feels weird.

    Oh and by the way, CONGRATS!

  2. Palila Says:
    July 19th, 2007 at 15:40 I’m not ready for the H or W words to apply to me anytime soon. The F words will just have to take some time to sink in.Congratulations to you!

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