The signs

I started this wordpress blog to try out the wordpress hosting nearly 2 years ago, when my hosting service was down. I should have seen the signs then.

Anyway, will be back up in some form soon, I hope. My former hosting service, fuitadnet, had a failure and lost everyone’s stuff that was on their cpanel1 server. Two days later, they sent an “oops!” letter, and another day and a half later, they actually posted it on their forum. Until something gets worked out, I’ll be posting my stuff here.

In other news, Angus has a blog.


5 thoughts on “The signs

  1. I have also enjoy your really old blogspot blog. It brings the TCB into perspective as it details the beginning of the saga.

  2. I want to read about the beginning of this so-called “saga” . . where can this information be found? Additionally, if you’re bored, I also write for another blog (as does Caleb). This one may not be up your alley, as it’s mostly what I call “fraternity boy humor,” but just in case:

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