Weekend recovery

Hiking this weekend was fairly pleasant. It was freaking hot, but there weren’t too many bugs, I got some blisters, but they didn’t really start to bother me until the end of the hike, there were some tough climbs, but they were near the beginning of each day’s hike and there were gentle slopes on each end of the hike. I got some spider bites, but the blackberries were ripe. Mmmm… blackberries.

Back to the blisters. I got many, some enormous ones. The largest were the size of quarters and were between my first and second toes on the bottoms of both feet, and the same size on the inside of my heel. Sunday night, I decided
to try some different methods of treating them. The largest two I drained and bandaged, the smaller ones were just bandaged, and the little ones elsewhere I treated with Mom’s recipe: elevation while drinking a beer. In the morning, I decided that the little ones needed to be bandaged before going into the one pair of shoes that were ok. By Monday night, I had decided that all the largeish ones needed to be drained, and the large ones re-drained (ick.) The little ones were fine. In conclusion, I found that treatment of blisters bigger than a nickel was best accomplished by draining and bandaging, and the smaller ones could be bandaged for a day or so, but after they went down a little, Mom’s beer and elevation treatment worked well. The spider bites seem to have cycles of itching and pain, but the redness, swelling and tiny runners are going away (I think.) New socks would probably have helped, as would have sticking to my usual regime of double socks.

I also figured out what part of  hiking I like least: My hiking boots give me cankles. I like that they’re high, they’ve saved my ankles from turning many times, but the rubbing/pressure of walking and hitting the sides gives me some light bruising around the skinny part of my ankle, causing it to swell. TCB thinks I need different boots, but I don’t think this is a problem I’m going to avoid by switching boots. I think that the cankles are preferable to turned ankles, and that working on breaking the ankle bit in some more will lessen the problem.


2 thoughts on “Weekend recovery

  1. Try zinc oxide on the spider bites or anything else that has caused an itch. The stuff is cheap and readily available at WalMart or drug store.

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