Syd, Abby and I went to the launch party for Atlanta Weddings on Wednesday night at Opera. It was… interesting. It certainly not worth the entrance fee, but I did like that they had lots of food, were showcasing the location, had a limited number of vendors, served “free” drinks (included in entry fee and of the new Tanqueray, which I wanted to try but didn’t want to buy), and had pretty good goodie bags (actual canvas bags with some free stuff in it, like Spanx stuff, shampoo, chocolate…) I didn’t like that the vendors were all crammed on top of each other, so you couldn’t really get to them, they didn’t announce the designers or the sponsoring shop for the wedding fashion show (not that I wanted any of those dresses, but had I liked on, it would be nice to know how to get it), that the entry fee was kind of high, and that they charged ridiculous prices for anything other than the 3 cocktails. I had neutral feelings on the ice sculptures everywhere and the Publix cake tastings.

Afterwards, we went to The Varsity and had our fill of grease while talking for two hours. The grease and talking felt way more satisfying then risotto and being around wedding-focused people, because that’s what weddings should be about: the person and people most important to you.


2 thoughts on “First

  1. I am gonna second your mom on that one– that’s why I have yet to go to one of those Wedding Extravaganza things! And that’s also why my motto is “It’s your wedding. Forget what people say you are supposed to do, and just do whatever the hell you want to do!”

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