Mmm… tasty

Friday, I took the day off from work and TCB and I went up to north Georgia and did some tastings along the Georgia Wine Highway at my two favorite wineries: Three Sisters and Wolf Mountain.

Wolf is so tasty, with their European-style wines (what they call them, I really don’t know the difference.) Their Rose is tasty anytime, and the red wines… if we can get them to stay in the wine rack, they improve greatly with age. They also know when to turn up or turn off the hoity-toity wine attitude. In addition, the chef makes some excellent food, reasonably priced on every day but Sunday. We split the turkey club.

Three Sisters has the most laid-back atmosphere and the best-tasting wine. They also have a lot of wine choices and, if they know you, will probably let you taste what you’re interested in (after tasting the wines on the list.) We tasted the Pino Blanc after discovering it on the racks; how we’ve missed it in all the years we’ve been going there, I have no idea. They give you dark chocolate with “Fat Boy Red” (I think this replaced the Cynthiana wine, which was the one they used to serve with chocolate) and cheetos with “Blood Mountain Red.” The Chardonnay selection is tasty, without a lot of that “straw” taste that chardonnay can get, and the “cheap” wines are really pretty darn good.

I think the only downside to doing tastings is that we end up with a pair of souvenir glasses from each place. It’s not all bad, because they tend to get broken, but we now have 5 Wolf Mountain and somewhere between 5 and 7 Three Sisters glasses and we’re running out of room to put them away.


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