Ease of use

I went to PetSmart over lunch today to get some things for Angus and they had some teeth-cleaning chewies for $3.00 + 15% off. (They were on sale, and then these had a 15% discount because they are going to expire “soon”. The ones I got expire on Halloween.) So I grabbed some, since Angus likes them and when they scanned them, they just asked if I’d gotten them from that bin and called a manager, because the manager apparently has to put in the discount. It wasn’t like they had 5 or six on sale, they had a whole shopping cart full, different counts (but all the ones I saw were “large”.) If they’re going to discount so much something that’s usually pricey, I wonder why they didn’t make it easier on themselves and mark them, or have a discount bar code to scan at the registers?

Also, don’t tell Angus about the treats or toys, just about the shampoo. Stink dog is getting a bath tonight!


3 thoughts on “Ease of use

  1. While he does love swimming, being in the shower really isn’t his thing. His disdain is compounded by the fact that he either gets a brushing before the shower, after the shower, or — like tonight — both. He thinks he’s got it real tough.

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