I am so tired. Almost enough tired to prompt a coffee shop run. You know, as cute as she is, Piper is a little bit of a crazy kitty. The first night, I kept waking up about every hour to make sure she was still in her carrier next to the bed and that Angus hadn’t gotten her or into the litter box. Then I happened to wake up at 6 the next morning and she decided it was playtime, pouncing all over the bed (and meowing like crazy if she was put off of it, it was the better of two evils). Then she started staying on the bed all night, but still thought that 6am was playtime. This morning, she was back up at 6, pouncing away and landed on TCB’s face. She got forcibly kicked off the bed then. I almost feel like it’s the sort of sleep schedule you’d get having a baby, but I don’t have to be fully awake and ambulatory when woken up, and I know it’ll be much better soon: once she can reliably get down/fall/slide off the bed, can roam around the house, and adjusts to a more normal cat schedule instead of the play hard/sleep hard kitten one.


2 thoughts on “Although

  1. Kittens are fun, but I’m not sure when they grow out of the 6am playtime routine. Zoe still thinks that we need to be up at 4 am. It wouldn’t be so bad if when she came to sleep with us, it didn’t sound like a motorboat was docking.

  2. Hee, I instantly got the words to that motorboat pool game in my head:
    Motorboat, motorboat, goes so slow…
    Motorboat, motorboat, goes so fast…
    Motorboat, motorboat, step on the gas!

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