Getting stabby

Had a fun trip to the ER today. The reason, you ask? The horrible-sounding version: My fiance stabbed me.

The less horrible-sounding version: we were cutting some of the linoleum up in the entryway because I thought there might be hardwood flooring under it (there is!) and, after cutting the first piece, TCB turned around with the utility knife in his hand and caught my leg just above the knee. We quickly realized that we needed to go see someone else about it, and, after he dressed me in nearly the same thing he was in (a bright orange shirt and khaki pants), we were off to Northside Hospital because we knew where that was. They weren’t busy on this holiday, amazingly, and I was out pretty quickly with 3 stitches.

I guess the bright side is that TCB had just put in new blade after cutting the roof shingle, so it was a clean cut with a clean blade. Everybody we dealt with at Northside was nice. I’m kind of amazed that this is the first ER trip we’ve had after all the work we’ve done on the house and cars, and I’m worried about my ability to work the clutch in my car. We’ll see how that works tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Getting stabby

  1. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about this.

    I know the thousands of cuts and bruises I’ve gotten over the past year and a half working on the cars and this house will never be equal to getting stabbed in the knee, but I’m also glad that they are not.

    Get well soon.

  2. I know it was an accident, you really didn’t mean to do it, and that you feel really bad about it. I totally got a cool bracelet out of it, though.

  3. So, as the person who has accompanied you on other trips to the ER and dealt with the pre and post surgical intervenion anxiety (to put it mildly), how did the anesthesia, stitching, etc. this time?

  4. It was ok. Still felt all the stitches, the numbing stuff hurt, it bled a lot… but the woman who was doing the stitching kept talking and we all joked about stuff, so it wasn’t terrible. I think it also helped that I knew pretty much what to expect.

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  6. Palila and I decided to see what was under the cheap flooring that was pealing up in the entry way to our house. Palila thought it was hardwood. She was right. Unfortunately, there were two layers of linoleum. I cut away the first to get a peak at the second. Then when I went to cut away the second I spun around and stabbed Alex in the knee with the utility knife.

  7. Remember when TCB and I first spoke on the phone… He’s not helping his case on the living with my seester by stabbing you. I’m watching you, TCB, two eyes… >8-)

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