Kitteh update

Right now, she’s cradled in my left arm and falling asleep, her head is slowly sinking back to the pillow because she fell asleep looking up. She’s either a terror (awake) or adorable (asleep), and she has gotten so much bigger since she arrived! Her muscle coordination is getting better and she’s *almost* able to jump on the couch in a single leap. She still does the “flying kitteh!” with some claw action to get on the bed and has learned that getting down on the dogbed side is softer than the other sides.

But kitteh needs to learn that there are some times when jumping around on the bed is inappropriate. Like when TCB and I have his class tests in piles on it, grading them.


5 thoughts on “Kitteh update

  1. Haha! Only if it’s the multiple choice section, because I like math. I did notice a trend of a lot of people getting a certain question wrong the same way, especially people who hadn’t gotten much else wrong. Turns out, the key had an error.

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