Hooray, my stitches are out! There’s still some bruising left and the stitch-marks on the bottom, more stretching side of my knee are a bit bigger than the ones on top. When I got to the hospital (removal is included in the sewing up), the guy who was going to do it was so excited! Apparently, he’d been doing suture removal all day. He commented that last weekend must have been a good weekend to get hurt, and was kind of “oh yeah!” when I said it had been a holiday weekend. (From what I remember of Dad’s time in the ER, Sundays and holidays were busiest.) He was especially excited to take them out once I pointed them out on my knee, because he’d been taking out a lot of facial stitches. Mine were larger and there were only 3. It took longer to drive there than to get the stitches out!


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