The fridge

We’re tackling the fridge first. Sometimes, especially after a power blink (we’ve been having a lot of those), it’d light up the 5, 6 and 7 numbers on the freezer temperature side and none on the fridge side. We’d do a power cycle and it’d be fixed. Then I noticed that things weren’t getting as cold in the fridge as they used to, so TCB put a thermometer in it. 65 is not a safe temp for the the fridge portion. I looked up possible solutions, and defrosting for 12-24 hours was what people recommended and what worked. The freezer seemed to be working, all the stuff we put in it last night was frozen solid, so I moved the freezer packs to the fridge to bring the temperature back down while we tried to find a friend with some extra freezer space. I decided to eat some of the freezer food that there wasn’t much of left or wasn’t popular, and that’s when I discovered that the veggie riblets, usually like blocks of ice, were slushy.

Now, all the freezer food is at my cousin’s, our fridge stuff is in several coolers, and we’re waiting those 12-24 hours, hoping that it’s a frozen defrost sensor causing our problem.


5 thoughts on “The fridge

  1. It does. We think that it might have come from when the towels that we hang from the fridge door get stuck in the freezer door (it’s a bottom-freezer) and the door gets stuck a little open, but not open enough to trip the “Hey, you left the door open” buzzer. We’ve got a towel bar, but aren’t sure where to hang it.

  2. Ooh, I like that idea. We’ve got one from IKEA, but just no good idea on where the most usable place is to put it would be. Maybe under the cooktop? On the panel under the sink? maybe our new oven will have a handle that we could put them through? Putting through the fridge door handle was our “until we know what we’re going to do” place, so I guess we need to at least come up with a plan for the kitchen.

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