When it rains…

Gr. I’ve been sitting at home (TCB stole my car, it’s fixed now), trying to find a new job (have had some callbacks, so things are looking up!), cleaning the house (because it’s something I do have control over), and playing with the insano-cat. And now’s when the fridge starts acting up and not cooling the fridge part anymore, when the washer decides that it doesn’t want to really wash stuff or spin the water out, when the dog discovers he can get pretty far into the trash to get stuff out to eat, and when I think we’ll need to call a plumber so we can use the upstairs shower again.

Fortunately, I think the fridge can be fixed by just defrosting it. The washer… I need to run another load or two, because it stopped working when I was doing blankets, which may have been too heavy for the spin, though it didn’t work when I just washed one blanket, so maybe it was unbalanced every time? If I get another load of half-washed, dripping wet clothes, we’ll probably need a new one. The trash… we just need a new trash can, one with a heavier lid, and then maybe the dog won’t root out the chicken wing bones that I purposefully bury in there. The plumber is the result of my own half-idea, and that’s a longer story.


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