Stress cake

Today, our tasks were:

  1. Find a cake stand for a 14×14 square cake
  2. Get sparklers for the exit
  3. Get dessert for the rehearsal dinner
  4. Drop off all the stuff we get at the rehearsal dinner location
  5. Be ready for a 4:30 call time at the church

So far, we’ve only accomplished #3. We saw the stressed-out bride briefly as we were trying to accomplish #1, but we also happened to run into the groom and the best man as they picked up their tuxes and the BM has some connections and could get a cake stand that was nicer and rented/free. (The caterer apparently already had all the appropriate stands rented out already.) The fireworks place was closed, so no sparklers. #4 is getting accomplished by the MOB and her father as I write, and Dad and I are hanging out in the hotel, presumably getting ready for #5.

Really, we’re just watching TV and Dad’s complaining about wedding crap, trying to convince me to have a low-stress destination wedding like he had. With all the frazzlement I had with packing for this trip (or most any trip that’s not overseas), I think a destination wedding would be even more stressful for TCB and I. We’re engineers and like order, so we’ll just make sure there’s plenty of naptime and low responsibilities for Dad when it’s our turn to have wedding-party-happy-fun-time.

Oh, and I decided to wear my coral shirt with jeans tonight, instead of a brown shirt with blue lacy undershirt, because of the heat. Now… brown shoes or black?


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