Ready to go

This morning, we transported the centerpieces and booze from the POG’s house to the reception hall and set up the reception hall for the impending wedding reception. It looks really nice. I had a fun incident involving a slippery sidewalk and 2 cases of beer, so now I have a large bruise on one leg from the case in my left hand falling on it and my other knee’s scraped up from hitting the ground. Will look great with a skirt! (The important part: no beer was harmed.)

If there’s anything that this wedding is lacking, it’s not alcohol. I don’t know how many cases of beer and wine they have, but there’s 24 of those huge champagne bottles for 130 people. Soft drink selection was exceedingly limited, only Coke, Sprite and Dr. Pepper. Someone asked about diet sodas and the MOG replied that she didn’t know what kind of sodas to get since nobody in their house drinks it: they all drink beer. I like this woman.


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