Mmm… cookies

My Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookie came today from Kashi’s snack drive, and I dove into it about 5 minutes after getting home from my second interview today (I got the job). Halfway through the cookie, the doorbell rang. It was some of the members from the local Jr. ROTC group selling cookies. Our interaction went something like this:

Jr. ROTC kid: Hi, I’m from blah blah blah. Would you like to buy some… (he spies the mostly-eaten cookie in my hand) cookies?

Me: No, thanks. I already have some!

Jr. ROTC kid: Haha, Ok! (leaves)


8 thoughts on “Mmm… cookies

  1. DON’T hate me. For our congrats to you, a non-internet card is on it’s way. Save the stamp.

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