Delta Queen

An article in NYT about the Delta Queen.

TCB’s mom loves the Delta Queen. I mean, loves it so much that she’ll ditch a visit with her only son if a great last-minute deal on a trip comes up. This year, she’s used all of her vacation to ride on it, and is driving down Thanksgiving Day to visit. And now they’re not going to pass the exemption?  It’s all she can talk about right now, and I don’t particularly care for talking about steamboats. So, like she wrote to me this morning, write/call your congressperson and ask them to pass this exemption like they’ve done other years, if only so we can talk about something else when she visits.


3 thoughts on “Delta Queen

  1. I like my mom, and I like the river, but damn! if she could talk about anything else that would be just freaking skippy!

  2. My parents ditched my sister and I for Thanksgiving last year to cruise the Mississippi on the Delta Queen. Of course, I shouldn’t complain because I was going to ditch them to hang out with Mike’s family, but now I’m convinced that the Delta Queen is trying to break families up!

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