Yup, still alive, just been busy busy busy. At work, I’ve been learning Flex and ColdFusion, and Friday we start preparing for me to become certified in Flex so I can start teaching classes (as an Adobe Certified Instructor.) This weekend is Practice Thanksgiving, so I should be cleaning cleaning cleaning, but it’s hard to get excited about that. Last Monday, I went to see Porcupine Tree on their last tour stop before heading back to the EU for a couple of years.

Last weekend was baking weekend: I made pumpkin bread on Saturday (which included baking the pumpkin) and on Sunday I made cookies with Sydney and Abby’s mom. Saturday, I also went to the Lucky Yates show, because he had the Brothers Chapman on his show and it. was. awesome. Dueling Strong Sads! Homestar Runner puppet! Candy for everyone! I totally wore my Team Trogdor shirt but failed to bring a marker, which was ok since they disappeared backstage rather quickly and, though they walked out right by us as we ate our post-show snack, I didn’t want to pull the crazy “OMG! I ❤ your work so much! We named our team after Trogdor, I hope you don’t mind, would you sign my chest?!”

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