Out of stock

We’ve been replacing the interior doorknobs a few at a time, when it made sense (like if we need the door to shut, as in bathrooms), when we happened to have a project card to Lowe’s, or when I painted the doors. We just went to Lowe’s and would pick up a few and now we’re down to 3 actual doors and 1 future door: the guest room (has a doorknob that doesn’t fit and doesn’t hold the door shut), 2 downstairs closets, and the office, which doesn’t have a door on it now, but when we put in a door, we definitely need a doorknob. Oh, and the front door. Need a new doorknob for that as well.

So we went to Lowe’s yesterday, and they’ve stopped carrying our doorknobs! Well, they still have them, but in a totally different finish. I guess “venetian bronze” is the thing now, but I say it looks and feels like pre-tarnished doorknobs. If we’d wanted that, we could have kept the old ones, thanks. I hit up ebay and should score the closet doorknobs for about a dollar each in a few hours, and get the bedroom doorknob for about $5. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive before our guests for Thanksgiving do, so we’ll have to keep tying the door shut and instructing guests to put something in front of it at night, as the kitty tries her hardest to push her way in if we don’t.

On the bright side (ha!), we finally found a light for above the sink! We’d put up a very ugly solution to goad ourselves into finding a light, but it turns out, we learned to look past it. We hastily replaced the bare bulb we’d had hanging there as soon as we got home with the upside-down sconce. Now there’s shaded bulbs!


2 thoughts on “Out of stock

  1. what kind of door knobs? Gold tone? Take a picture and post it. I have one interior one that I got at Lowe’s that I need to replace with nickel silver.

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