Further review

As TCB said, they were pretty darn good and I’m almost looking forward to them for dinner (the thought of eating that brown sauce again is sort of bringing back the worst smell of making it, and thus I really kind of don’t want to touch it.) When we reheat them, I’m just going to brush the ones we want with butter, wrap them in foil and then put them back in the oven. I’d meant to leave some out, uncooked, because JoC says they heat up better that way, but I forgot all about that in the heat of “gotta make these, I’m sooo hungry!”

The sauce called for 1/2 cup of beef drippings, which I don’t keep around, so I browned the meat first. 1.5lbs of 85/15 beef yields roughly 1/4 cup of drippings, so I also cut some fat off of bacon and put that in the pan along with some butter. Not exactly the same, but it was a little more fatty lubrication for the boiled-in-butter vegetable mix that was to be browned in the drippings (the vegetable recipe included diced bacon.) I wish I’d just halved the brown sauce recipe instead of supplementing.

I think this recipe would have gone more smoothly and quickly had I not forgotten two of the main ingredients of the sauce: tomatoes and beef stock, prompting a run to the store to be somewhat shocked at how many of the prepared broth products list MSG as the third or fourth ingredient. I ended up getting a concentrated liquid broth/stock which I’m sure still had MSG in it, but was concealed because the manufacturer is Canadian.

I’ve got a lot of brown sauce left, so I’m going to find some other recipe that calls for it, if I can stomach it.

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