Christmas on Vacation

As I said, TCB and I went on a recuperative vacation together instead of driving all over Indiana at Christmas. On the way down, he realized that he hadn’t communicated clearly with his friend about where we were staying, so we just stopped at a hotel for the night. We could hear the person next door snoring, so we decided to try to find a better place for the duration of our stay. The first day in Florida, we went to the Jupiter Lighthouse, Which was really cool. Jeremy hadn’t been (he used to live in the area), and our guide seemed very knowledgeable about the lighthouse (not that we had questions, but I felt that he could have answered them if we’d had some.)

The lighthouse

I wasn’t a big fan of the stairs in the light house, but I’m not such a fan of ladders, either. Were I a lighthouse keeper, I’d be pretty slow up the stairs the first few days and even slower on the way down!
Lighthouse keeper?

After the lighthouse, we stopped by Wal-Mart, got some forgotten items and sandals, and then went for a walk on the beach. It’s winter, so there were box jellyfish warnings posted. We walked for quite a while, inspecting seashells and commenting on container ships, but called it quits once we saw a jellyfish washed up on the beach.

Our next stop was TCB’s friend’s condo, where he and his wife were having a traditional Lithuanian Christmas celebration- dinner with 12 courses, one for each apostle. Fortunately, drinks counted.


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