Day 2

Day 2 (Christmas Eve) was spent sleeping in and sleeping off a small hangover. We’d brought a bottle of vodka to TCB’s friends, very unaware of the Lithuanian tradition of “if you bring a bottle of vodka, you stay until it’s empty.” We hadn’t emptied it at the party the night before, but we had put a sizeable dent in it (“we” being us, our hosts, and some relatives.) I wasn’t feeling too bad (having substituted water for many of my drinks throughout the evening), so I ventured off to one of the drug stores for stamps and ibuprofen. I also wrote some christmas post cards and got it all mailed. Once our hosts were awake, I secured an awesome hotel for the duration of our stay through hotwire.
Teh sky!

I think that, once we checked in, we were intending to go down to the pool, but we fell asleep on the comfy bed instead. That was a needed nap, since we were going out to eat and then to another party that night.

After waking up, I headed out to Publix across the street and picked up some food items, as I guessed that everything would be closed the next day. Then it was off to dinner with friends at McCarthy’s and a party. A party that included a midnight shot. This year, it was something akin to grand mariner.
Midnight toast


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