Paddling day

On Boxing Day, we went to Johnathan Dickenson State Park, rented a canoe, and paddled up the Loxahatchee to Trapper Nelson’s. The current was against us on the way up, making for a slightly crabby trip upriver, but we did see osprey, a turtle, and an alligator!
The Trapper Nelson site was neat in the “we’re not taking the tour, we can figure out what these buildings were for” kind of way. (The ones with beds: for sleeping. The one with fireplace and stove: for cooking.) Some things I really liked were the citrus trees. It would be nice to go out back and pick a lemon or tangerine when I needed one. Ah, well, rosemary is nice, too.
Nom nom nom

The trip back to the dock was much fast and pretty uneventful. No alligators or turtles, just a buzzard cleaning itself. We ended up making the projected 3.5-4 hour trip in 2.5! We then climbed up the Hobe Mountain Tower and saw the sights.

After that, we rinsed off my car at a gas station, since there’s no drought in West Palm, and headed back to the hotel to clean up and meet some folks at Park Avenue for some ribs and goodbyes.


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